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Meet the artist

I’m Bethany Joy! I am a photographer, designer, and podcaster. I create art and encourage others to do the same. Everything I do is to make others seen & celebrated. Welcome, get in here, and share your creativity with me by subscribing to my free newsletter Seen & Celebrated. Book a commissioned portrait session or get to know me more by listening to The Creativity Cure.

Celebrating Originality

Each portrait I make is a unique expression of art. I believe you are unique and your personalized art and experience should be the same!


Crafting with Quality 

Each session is a handcrafted experience. I use historic references, modern techniques, special equipment, and careful post-processing to ensure a quality experience!


Connected to Community 

I was raised in Baltimore, MD. I have interned with our local museums and small businesses and studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I love to encourage others to get to know their neighborhood small businesses. I aim to include other artisans in the process of making my work.


Things I Love!

  • Fine art
  • Calming candles that smell amazing
  • All things natural hair
  • My faith
  • Time with my husband and daughter
  • Classic fashion
  • Singing obnoxiously in the car
  • A good podcast on a rainy day
  • Locally-made beauty products (shea butter and oils)
  • Natural medicines
  • Any app that makes life easier
  • Books on design and marketing
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Therapy podcasts
  • Small business podcasts


I’m not crazy about

  • Neon colors
  • Fake farm style
  • Cool tones
  • Harsh contrast
  • Athleisure
  • Horror movies
  • The mall


The Rebrand

I recently re-branded to a more authentic version of Bethany J. Photography. Read all about it here.

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