10 Months Old


Giving me slight heart attacks!

“Watch her!” Jamal stood hands ready to grab Sanai as she approached the edge of our bed and peaked over the edge. You could see her mind realizing that there was a drop. Since she started climbing and crawling I’ve been nervous about her falling. I was shocked when in this moment she turned herself around and started inching back until she landed on her feet proud grin on her face. She then crawled away to find some non toy to eat.

Things have changed! This time last year I was definitely nesting. I had thrifted away everything that couldn’t be nailed down. I finally decorated our apartment after two years. I was putting my anxiety about being a mom into making everything as perfect as possible. I didn’t have an idea of what it would be like to have a mini version of me running around. As her first birthday comes up I’m just amazed at this little person. She has taken a few first steps and can stand for 10 seconds. She said her own version of I love you! She likes people and following you around. I’m amazed at how she has changed from this little infant to walking and throwing food she doesn’t like on the floor. She makes us laugh, her grandparents spoil her and she still only says dada. I’m so proud of her for growing and learning and so thankful for this little family of mine. It makes getting up at 3am worth it! 🤣



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