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11 Months Old


Walking, Playing, and Talking

We have a full-blown walker in our house! Sanai still falls down but she can walk pretty far on her own. I am pretty hyped right now for her first birthday! I am ready to celebrate one year of being a mom! Watching Sanai learn so many new things has given me perspective. She started by learning to roll over. Then she pushed up on her arms. She started scooting and then sitting up. Eventually, she could crawl and pull herself up on everything. Then she started taking steps falling over and over. Not one time in that process did I feel like she needed to rush or be fast or get it over with. Each stage was exciting and I was so proud. Kind of reminds me of how we can expect ourselves to walk before we crawl! I am not sure what stage of life you might be in but maybe you are watching people walk when you are still learning to get up. Each stage in life has its purpose. There is joy in every step and you don’t want to miss the good where your at because of comparing yourself to others! I hope the next time you see a baby you remind yourself that you have your own path and you are not on everyone else’s clock! Take it one step at a time!



Finding the Joy

Welcome to my blog. I talk about choosing joy, to me, that means believing God is good and there is hope in the face of difficulty. I also talk about my goals and challenges. I believe in perseverance, grit, dreaming big, and choosing to challenge yourself to be better than yesterday. 

What does it mean to be a part of the #JoyJourney?


It means to choose JOY in the good and bad!
It means we focus on our goals!
It means we challenge ourselves to do better!


Wanna share your story? Join the #joyjourney in my FB group here! We encourage each other to accomplish more and meet up once a month for a nature walk! 


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