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What is happening in my world right now!

7 Months Old & My Thoughts on New Parenthood

What’s happening in my world.


7 months have flown by! Welcome to my monthly check-in on my daughter Sanai. She is napping so I am typing this as fast as I can! This month has been about more movement, more food, and a NEW tooth starting to bud!

Pulling up to a stand

Sanai has mastered the worm as the fastest way to get around and doesn’t seem interested in crawling just yet. She does pull herself up to a stand on anything within reach. This includes mom and dad’s legs, the couch, whatever is close. Once standing she does a little bounce and laughs like she won!

Trying More Food!

New foods for the win include cheese sticks, peanut puffs, and cheerios! Her pinscher’s grasp is starting to develop and she no longer squishes the food to oblivion before attempting to put it in her mouth. We still find food everywhere but that’s half the fun right !?

NANA wins the “first word”

Sanai has started with two-syllable sounds. She used to yell AAAAAA! Now her new favorite to babble is ” Na na na na na” SO clearly Nana is still the favorite! Her second word as of today is “Da da da da”

NEW Tooth

This is the most recent update! We have spotted a tooth. It is barely there but we are hyped anyway. I think I am curious about what she will look like with a big toothy smile! Currently, her dad has won the looks side of things so maybe my family’s gap will come in for the win here!


The only words I can say right now are ” WOW, WOW, WOW!” I am grateful that Sanai is here! I am grateful that she is ours. This has encouraged me since she has had a cold the last week and wants a lot of comfort. Being a new parent is not easy but each day there is something new and exciting and that is what I want to focus on.

If you are pregnant or worried about what changes in life when you have a kid, let me encourage you! I am a young mom by today’s standards. I got married young and started a family while others maybe are starting their career. If no one tells you this, know that it is worth it. It isn’t a cakewalk but there is more to life than following what everyone else might think is best. Your life is not over because you are having a kid. New parent sleepy is very different than pregnancy sleepy. Each month gets a little easier. You CAN find help. These are all the things I needed to hear when I was anxious about being a parent. I worried that my young friends wouldn’t relate, instead, Sanai has many, many aunties and uncles!  Have I lost sleep, yes, but I also have more energy than when I was pregnant which is great if you can relate! To the new mom or dad, it will be awesome and scary, but worth it! There is no one like your kid and no one better than you to raise them!  Stay encouraged parents and share your journey with me by commenting below or emailing also DM me on FB and IG @BethanyJPhotography!




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