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8 Months Old 


Eight months is almost here in 2 days! Read below to check out how Sanai has grown this month!

Mastering Crawling 

Sanai still prefers the army crawl but when she finds she can’t slide over something she crawls! She is pretty fast and will find herself sometimes stuck. She’s pretty determined though so she wiggles her way out of some sticky situations.

Pulling to a stand

Sanai loves to pull to a stand on anything. She can reach the top of the couch, coffee tables and  everything we thought was safe. She likes pulling up using Jamal and I and bounce and laugh like it’s an inside joke!


Dada is still the favorite word. I have tried to get a mama but she just looks at me, smiles and says “dada!”

Matching Pitch

Thanks to her musical auntie Sanai matches pitch. It’s really funny, if you scream high pitched she will copy you if you lower your voice she will try and give a low yell. 😆

Pinch and Grab

Those little fingers are painful. Sanai likes to touch squeeze and pull everything and also give things a good pinch. It hurts lol she thinks it’s funny. She also enjoys pinching her food!

Using Those Teeth

Two bottom teeth have popped through and now she is using them to try new food. Guacamole still wins! She likes pretzels, peas and oatmeal!


Finally she just learned to clap! Now she claps when you say “yeah!” She also claps when she wakes up. She will try to clap your face by smacking it. 😂

She is showing her personality as an active and social baby girl who is determined to explore her world.



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