Finding the Joy

What is happening in my world right now!

6 Months Old

What’s happening in my world.


My baby has escaped covered in avocado and peas as I am typing this. She is 6 months old! I’m shocked lol. Time really does fly and I am so proud of our baby girl.

1. She is fast!

Sanai can army crawl extremely fast right now. She is an escape artist from the safety zones we set up for her. She also is interested in what we are doing and will grab food, phones, and whatever else is in the way to put it in her mouth.

2. Trying Food!

So far we have tried about 6 or 7 foods. Some she loves others she sticks her tongue out at. Avocado and applesauce seem to win right now. She tolerates peas and greek yogurt. 

3. Getting LOUD

Screaming to test her voice is her new thing. Sometimes she does a whisper scream which is hilarious. She screams when she really likes a new foods.

 4. Nana is a favorite

While Sanai loves Mommy and Daddy she gives the biggest smiles to her Nana (my mom) She has the cutest giggle and will lunge to see what new project Nana is working on.

There is so much love and laughter with this girl she is full of personality. We can’t wait to watch her personality grow. I already know I will be shocked when she says actual words! Side note-getting these pics took forever btw she was rolling and crawling away the entire time. She is currently trying to crawl past my leg so I gotta wrap this up but thanks for taking this motherhood journey with me!

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