If you have become a remote worker then this is the blog post for you. Usually I photograph families and events but all of my families are full of hardworking people who are juggling many roles everyday working from home and parenting. With zoom being more important than ever and Linked In being the new way to connect or job search a great headshot is one of the many tools used to put your best foot forward!

As a photographer I answer the question “Should my photos be Professional or Casual?” with one word. Yes! Both! 2020 dramatically shifted expectations of the work place. If you went to work in your PJs and a dressy top then you know the drill. Now there’s more room for personality to be expressed and that is great! Now even with more casual environments there are still some good practices to maintain when updating your portrait. Whether you hire a professional or make your own studio at home. Here are 5 ways you can balance a professional presence with your casual, creative and fun personality. This applies to your business, Tik Tok, and Instagram too!

Good Light

Lighting is everything! A professional headshot demonstrates care for quality. The same way you take care in presentation of yourself reflects how people believe you will care for their business. The best way to add great lighting is with outdoor light near a window. I will never stop shouting about how great window light is! I would avoid direct sunlight as that will make you squint and create harsh shadows but facing a window is a great start! If you wanna go pro, breakout a white foam board or aluminum foil to add some full light by having a friend angle sun indirectly onto you.

Self portrait using the sun shot on my IPhone. was going for of a model vibe here but you get the point sunlight rules!

Taken in a living room with window light!

Eye Height – Open Posture

In our attempt to look professional we can sometimes over compensate and look stiff and closed off. I see this the most in the crossed arm pose or the hands in pockets pose. No hate if you prefer to pose that way but if you wanna create a posture of friendliness try a few of the poses below. If you don’t like how you look in photos try having the camera be at eye height. Selfies taken from above tend to give the viewer a birds eye view. We associate this with child likeness and innocence. From below the viewer has a worms eye view. They look “up” to you it communicates dominance and power. At eye level you are viewed as an equal. Think of photographing yourself at eye height as being the equivalent of looking someone in the eye when you give them a handshake.

Photography by Bethany J. Photography featured on https://diversityandinclusioncoach.com/podcast/

Photograph by Bethany J. Photography for http://www.drdeanlab.com/

Smile or No Smile

Depending on your professional taste or position smiling is up to you. If you do smile, make it a big one! Give your best smile, the one that, makes your eyes light up and wrinkle. I am telling you whenever people attempt a “perfect” smile usually it looks more like you are gritting your teeth. I know it’s not easy to take your picture when you see all your perceived imperfections but what I see is a genuine person with a welcoming face. A bright smile is far more inviting than a perfect model face.

Photography by Bethany J. Photography for https://landmarkhomes.us/


This one is not anything fancy but it’s a good refresher. Check your background. A background busy with anything you don’t want to stand out is important. This could mean not using your cool Florida vacation pic as the background. It could also mean not showcasing your laundry. It’s not that we haven’t all been there, but let’s let YOU be the only focus.

Creative Twist

Make your portrait your own with a creative twist! Create a single tone palette to create a colorful eye catching pop. Try dramatic lighting or a really close crop of your face. Build a background that features what you are good at. Show it to a couple of friends to see what they think about your skills!

Photography by Bethany J. Photography for @AdakuInspires

Photograph by Bethany J. Photography for http://www.drdeanlab.com/

If you are not the DIY type then message me I am happy to collaborate with you on a headshot that showcases you. If you do try these tips send me a message below I would love to see the creativity!

Jasmines 16th

Client Spotlight

Welcome to my first client spotlight! I want to share all of the celebrations I photograph. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Jasmine’s 16th birthday. Special thanks to Selena and Ryder. Selena and I go back to middle school and last year I photographed her wedding which you can see here. Seriously this was the epitome of sweet sixteen gone spooky, check out some of my favorite details here.

The Look

First Jasmine had the perfect look. I loved the nails in addition to the black ball gown and crown.  Scroll to the end to see the amazing gown and full look.

The Decor

From the door to the tables and the photo booth, the horror-themed decor was on point. The photo booth was a favorite. The cake looks terrifying but tastes awesome! I think it was snickerdoodle? I kept forgetting the giant Jason was fake and kept startling myself lol. 



Everyone got out on the dance floor. I loved seeing the kids and grandparents dance! 

Family and Friend Love!

Witnessing this supportive friend and family tribe celebrate Jasmine really touched me. I could see the love this family has in the care they took in making everything just right, in the laughter and toasts!  I enjoyed watching Selena be the big sister fixing her crown and Mom and Dad making sure everything was set up and organized. Jasmine took time to show her love back to her friends, grandparents, and family. I saw so many little kids run up and hug her or grab her hand. The room looked scary but the love was not (lol too cheesy?)  There are so many more pictures I didn’t add but I hope you got a taste of what this night was like, Happy Birthday Jasmine I hope you enjoyed your celebration and I wish you the best year to come!

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Finding the Joy

Welcome to my blog. I talk about choosing joy, to me, that means believing God is good and there is hope in the face of difficulty. I also talk about my goals and challenges. I believe in perseverance, grit, dreaming big, and choosing to challenge yourself to be better than yesterday. 


What does it mean to be a part of the #JoyJourney?


It means to choose JOY in the good and bad!
It means we focus on our goals!
It means we challenge ourselves to do better!


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