Julene Dunmore



Dancer, artist, videographer, photographer, organizer, and of course wife, and mother are just some of the important roles Julene has embraced in her life. Being a new mom myself this Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some wisdom from an experienced mom of 6 children- including twins! We talked about passion, self-care, and balancing Motherhood while still being passionate about what moves you. Check out the informal interview below!

Bethany: Who is Julene? What do you do? Why is it important?

Julene: I am an individual first, I am my own self, I have my own ways of doing things. I am fun! I’m vibrant! I love everything that I’m doing! I’m a daughter and a sibling to 3 other people…I have been married for 17 and so years. I am a mother of 6. I’m an entrepreneur. I am a businesswoman. I’m a dancer…

Bethany: Oh! I didn’t know that!

Julene: Yea…I love praise and worship and I joined the dance ministry at my church…

Bethany: Oh, that’s awesome!

Julene: I danced 3 maybe 4 performances. I’m an artist… I love every bit of art! I can really get engulfed in art. I love painting, drawing, and photography and that transferred to videography. That was easy, really easy because I was always taking pictures. A lot of what I do is creative. Oh, and I’m also a member of The Highlanders: Professional Black Women, Incorporated, which is an organization that just started in 2019. It’s a non-profit community-based organization that focuses on helping women, the community, and education in various ways. In that role, I am the historian and the Tech and Communications chairperson. I love everything tech! Professionally I assist my husband with our business Javelin Media, LLC, formerly Precision Video Imaging, LLC. I handle all the paperwork and I also assist on video shoots. I’ve done photography, I’ve done videography and I’ve done graphic design.

Bethany: Wow!

Julene: Starting out I was not doing it professionally, or going to school for it, and people would say ” I need a flyer, I need a label…”

Bethany: So people kind of saw it in you and were like oh she is good at that!

Julene: Yea, they would say, Oh can you do this and I was like sure! So now I have a book of old things I have done, announcements and all kinds of stuff. It just came (naturally). The artist part of me just put it together and the Holy Spirit (confirmed it)…I’d have this peace [when the project was completed] where [the Holy Spirit confirmed] it’s like, now that’s right!

As a mom, I handle all school-related things…making sure their (my children’s) grades are where they are supposed to be and making sure they get to and from wherever they are supposed to be. I do all of that. Right now we are currently at 3 different schools. The most we were at was 4, which was exhausting. I’ve done homeschooling for all the children for Pre-k, the last 2 kindergarten, and 1st grade. 

I’ve been a member of The Greater Baltimore County Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. It’s a great organization! It had activities for each age group, so with 6 kids I was at 5 activities… monthly activities. So we were very, very busy.

I am really big on helping the kids but now, not to the point of exhaustion. I won’t do that no more! 

Bethany: Yea, there are a lot of them!

Julene: Yea- I can’t do that anymore! Not at this point anyways. There is enough stuff going on!

 I also was the PTA president, and after that, I was Vice President at another school for several years. Now, I am just a supportive parent and I do Highlanders (related activities). That’s my community-based thing that I do. I am always advocating and standing up for the kids. Supporting the kids. If I see a kid that is going through, it breaks my heart- so I am always trying to find a solution to a problem. That and helping parents. I’ve been helping parents, couples, women, and children for the last, I don’t know how many years. That’s a part of what I do. I think that is one of the things I am called to do… and raising these kids. God has given me a lot of wisdom on how to do things, and I pray for wisdom and strategy all the time. He’s given me different strategies to share with parents. I say parents because I started off with just (helping) mothers but then the dads were listening. They were applying it (lessons shared) and things were changing, so now my focus is on parents. I think life is just a bunch of hurdles and tests and trials. Once you get past them and grow stronger then you go to the next thing. That’s why I stay more joyous all the time because I realized that this is just a test, and this too shall pass. So if I’m sick, I remember this is not forever and this will go away too. That’s a part of my journey.


From the Top Right: Jeremiah, Jua, Julene, Jaia, Bottom Row Lef to to Right: Joshua, Jenaiah, and Julian

I think the best parts are when I learn quickly and can move right along and have made the changes. I haven’t always been like this. Being talkative was not my thing. When I grew up I was shy, quiet, and extremely observant and I could tell you everything that was going on from my observations and then God took me through all of these changes. I went through a healing process …God has taken me through the process of becoming bolder and bolder. At the PTA (meetings) I was able to speak in front of hundreds of people. I would have my note cards prepped and ready to go. I went from quiet to (raises hand) “Excuse me!” in a crowd of people. It’s been quite a journey.

Bethany:  Yea that’s a big change!

Julene: He (God) is really shaping us if we allow Him. If we are open to Him making the changes. He will completely shape us into the person He wants us to be. Then we will be fulfilling our purpose and getting that “Well done.”

Bethany: Yea that’s what we all want! I want the well done.

Julene: I’m trying to do it well. I spend a lot of time reflecting like, what could I have done differently? Did this day go well? I might not do it every day maybe more like weekly. That’s why I said I slowed down cause I was running every day, even Sunday. The pandemic slowed everything down. I was like from this point forward, I am going to take a day to rest. Whether it’s on Monday or Sunday. Sundays I do time with family, chill out and do nothing after church then 9 o’clock  hits and I’m back on. I wasn’t getting rest. Rest is extremely important. I started to pick it up again and realized around New Year “I’m doing the same thing!” and realized I needed rest. Now I am incorporating my rest again.

Bethany: And making it mandatory

Julene: It is mandatory. Because staying up ’til 2 o clock and then you gotta be up at 6 or 7 o clock, I was like, this ain’t working! Some days I’m like nope, I’m sleeping in. Nope! It’s 9 o’clock see ya’ll later, daddy’s got ya’ll. Now the older ones can help with the younger kids. Everything is easier now that the kids are older.

Getting Started in Video and Meeting Your Husband

Bethany: So when you first got married did you two start video? 

Julene: It was before we got married. We met in 2000. I came to work where he was working in the Media Lab (at Morgan State University).  I needed an internship. I don’t even know how it all connected…I was an office assistant. The guy that worked with him (Jay, my husband) asked me to make labels for his tapes. I would graphically do the wedding bells…I was familiar with the area… My supervisor was like “Hey why don’t you do an internship with us! (In the Media Lab)?” The internship I needed for business administration (class credit). When I worked there the first day I went on a video shoot with no experience. They gave me a crash course. “Here’s a tripod, this is how you open it up, put your camera on it, press record, and go for it!” I was recording for the School of Business. I was like ok I can do this! They had a lecture series monthly and I was always there for the lecture series. I figured I might as well record it and get credit for it right? On the first day, I didn’t know how to focus! I was like oh my god! The guy came back over after I set up and showed me what to do. After that when I brought back the footage they were just like “Wow. You do better than the communications students!” I was like are you kidding me? Really!? I thought maybe I got a knack for this! It was fun. I loved every bit of it. We would go on shoots with every different department. We did PSA’s… It was so much fun! Free food everywhere, backstage access…I thought this is life, this is awesome! I loved all of that stuff. When we met my supervisor he said “Hey, can you tell Jay that he needs to be here!” So he assigned me to assign him.

Bethany: So you were the middleman

Julene: I was the middle man, that’s how we started communicating.

Bethany: Did he have the company Precision Video Imaging before?

Julene: No, that wasn’t even a thing yet.

Bethany: Oh wow so that wasn’t even a thing yet.

Julene: He did his own side jobs. That’s the reason we started talking a lot more. Late nights we had to work together, but he was always that cool guy who was laid back. He also worked where (My brother) was going to school in the graphics lab. We would just do video shoots and hang out afterward and we just formed a really great relationship. It was fun. He was always respectful. Over time we developed a relationship. We had this openness to talk with each other like I have never had with anybody. By 2004 we got married. But that was where we started (The Media Lab).

I graduated in 2001 and came to work there full-time. Nothing seemed right anywhere else. Nothing was as fun and exciting and motivating as what I was already doing. I said, honestly I really want to stay here. So they actually developed a salary for me because I became that valuable to what they were doing! 

Bethany:  So they made space.

Julene:  Yea! When I was there I brought people together and did something unique that had not been done. I would clean and organize the office, help teach and train the interns, do video shoots, and manage the office.

Bethany: One more question so I can summarize everything. What would be one piece of wisdom that you would want to share? What made me think of you is that obviously you do the photo and video stuff, but you’re also a mom. That’s what (stage of life) I’m in right now. I find it overwhelming and I just have one little baby and I thought that when I have a baby I’d be happy with just the baby but I’m like… I still have that part of me that very much loves what I love to do. I wonder how do I balance those two if there is a balance?

Julene: There is a very unique balance and you have to find what it is. I had to find what it is for me. When they first were born and 6 weeks out I was still out of it. I was still tired and healing. I was doing a video shoot and having the hardest time keeping it together. I was trying to have my mind there and I was just stepping back into it. It was rough. It was such a road to go on,  however, writing was very helpful because I could look back and say I went through that (and learn from that experience)! Definitely praying for solutions. It’s helpful to sit with other moms who would say ”You’re not by yourself!” ” It’s ok to just say, take the baby.” Sending them to your parents, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s self-care.

 If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be any good to anybody else. So I wish I had done more self-care. Make some time for yourself because you are important too!

That’s one thing I’m really big on. Finding time for what you love to do because you are a person first. You’re constantly getting pulled on. Sometimes you need a break. Just ask for it. When I was a young parent I was not asking for it. I thought I had to do all of it. No, you don’t! There are two of you and grandparents! It’s a process, take it easy. Don’t be hard on yourself. Never compare yourself to anybody. You are your own goal setter. Always, always, always keep learning. Burning yourself out is never good for anybody. Seasons change and they get older. Enjoy it. Work hard at it and just do it. All of it will pay back when they get older.

Bethany: Thank you Julene! 


Wrapping It Up

Happy Mother’s Day! Remember you are a person first. I like to add you are a person loved by God first. All you are to your family is important but you can’t pour from an empty cup. This applies to anyone feeling the burden of being a caretaker on their shoulders. I hope this was encouraging and that you are able to find a moment to just breathe and be thankful that you are loved and treasured just as you are. Check out more pictures of Julene doing what she does best below!



Finding the Joy

Welcome to my blog. I talk about choosing joy, to me, that means believing God is good and there is hope in the face of difficulty. I also talk about my goals and challenges. I believe in perseverance, grit, dreaming big, and choosing to challenge yourself to be better than yesterday. 

What does it mean to be a part of the #JoyJourney?


It means to choose JOY in the good and bad!
It means we focus on our goals!
It means we challenge ourselves to do better!


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Finding Joy

The Official Bethany J. Photography Blog with Bethany Joy Steele

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Zoë’s Graduation Session


I can say with full confidence that Zoë is my first client who had flaming nails, and glasses and completely repped Meg Thee Stallion and her newly earned degree status with equal pride. 


When I saw the bedazzled grad cap I knew that this would not be the typical session. What I love about what I do is that for a few hours during a session I get a window into everyone’s personality and Zoë is not just focused and determined, a great planner and considerate, but she is FUN!  We took these shots in the full evening sun and got so many cute pics I couldn’t pick! The wind was helping fan the #hotgirl flames for sure lol. We finished the session with a champagne celebration and a sigh of relief because we were both nervous about the pop being just right. I woke up a few days later, snuck out of bed (trying not to wake Sanai), and sat at my computer editing because I was SO excited to get these into Zoë’s hands! I sent them off excited for the reply that I live for each time I deliver a session. “I love these!”  What touched me the most is that Zoë and I actually went to high school together. She was the captain of my softball team! It meant everything to get a chance to catch up and trade college stories between me saying “hold that pose!” Congrats, Zoë I hope you enjoy this season and wish you the best for all that is to come! Check below for my favorite moments! 



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Finding the Joy

Welcome to my blog. I talk about choosing joy, to me, that means believing God is good and there is hope in the face of difficulty. I also talk about my goals and challenges. I believe in perseverance, grit, dreaming big, and choosing to challenge yourself to be better than yesterday. 

What does it mean to be a part of the #JoyJourney?


It means to choose JOY in the good and bad!
It means we focus on our goals!
It means we challenge ourselves to do better!


Wanna share your story? Join the #joyjourney in my FB group here! We encourage each other to accomplish more and meet up once a month for a nature walk! 


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If you have become a remote worker then this is the blog post for you. Usually I photograph families and events but all of my families are full of hardworking people who are juggling many roles everyday working from home and parenting. With zoom being more important than ever and Linked In being the new way to connect or job search a great headshot is one of the many tools used to put your best foot forward!

As a photographer I answer the question “Should my photos be Professional or Casual?” with one word. Yes! Both! 2020 dramatically shifted expectations of the work place. If you went to work in your PJs and a dressy top then you know the drill. Now there’s more room for personality to be expressed and that is great! Now even with more casual environments there are still some good practices to maintain when updating your portrait. Whether you hire a professional or make your own studio at home. Here are 5 ways you can balance a professional presence with your casual, creative and fun personality. This applies to your business, Tik Tok, and Instagram too!

Good Light

Lighting is everything! A professional headshot demonstrates care for quality. The same way you take care in presentation of yourself reflects how people believe you will care for their business. The best way to add great lighting is with outdoor light near a window. I will never stop shouting about how great window light is! I would avoid direct sunlight as that will make you squint and create harsh shadows but facing a window is a great start! If you wanna go pro, breakout a white foam board or aluminum foil to add some full light by having a friend angle sun indirectly onto you.

Self portrait using the sun shot on my IPhone. was going for of a model vibe here but you get the point sunlight rules!

Taken in a living room with window light!

Eye Height – Open Posture

In our attempt to look professional we can sometimes over compensate and look stiff and closed off. I see this the most in the crossed arm pose or the hands in pockets pose. No hate if you prefer to pose that way but if you wanna create a posture of friendliness try a few of the poses below. If you don’t like how you look in photos try having the camera be at eye height. Selfies taken from above tend to give the viewer a birds eye view. We associate this with child likeness and innocence. From below the viewer has a worms eye view. They look “up” to you it communicates dominance and power. At eye level you are viewed as an equal. Think of photographing yourself at eye height as being the equivalent of looking someone in the eye when you give them a handshake.

Photography by Bethany J. Photography featured on https://diversityandinclusioncoach.com/podcast/

Photograph by Bethany J. Photography for http://www.drdeanlab.com/

Smile or No Smile

Depending on your professional taste or position smiling is up to you. If you do smile, make it a big one! Give your best smile, the one that, makes your eyes light up and wrinkle. I am telling you whenever people attempt a “perfect” smile usually it looks more like you are gritting your teeth. I know it’s not easy to take your picture when you see all your perceived imperfections but what I see is a genuine person with a welcoming face. A bright smile is far more inviting than a perfect model face.

Photography by Bethany J. Photography for https://landmarkhomes.us/


This one is not anything fancy but it’s a good refresher. Check your background. A background busy with anything you don’t want to stand out is important. This could mean not using your cool Florida vacation pic as the background. It could also mean not showcasing your laundry. It’s not that we haven’t all been there, but let’s let YOU be the only focus.

Creative Twist

Make your portrait your own with a creative twist! Create a single tone palette to create a colorful eye catching pop. Try dramatic lighting or a really close crop of your face. Build a background that features what you are good at. Show it to a couple of friends to see what they think about your skills!

Photography by Bethany J. Photography for @AdakuInspires

Photograph by Bethany J. Photography for http://www.drdeanlab.com/

If you are not the DIY type then message me I am happy to collaborate with you on a headshot that showcases you. If you do try these tips send me a message below I would love to see the creativity!

Jasmines 16th

Client Spotlight

Welcome to my first client spotlight! I want to share all of the celebrations I photograph. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Jasmine’s 16th birthday. Special thanks to Selena and Ryder. Selena and I go back to middle school and last year I photographed her wedding which you can see here. Seriously this was the epitome of sweet sixteen gone spooky, check out some of my favorite details here.

The Look

First Jasmine had the perfect look. I loved the nails in addition to the black ball gown and crown.  Scroll to the end to see the amazing gown and full look.

The Decor

From the door to the tables and the photo booth, the horror-themed decor was on point. The photo booth was a favorite. The cake looks terrifying but tastes awesome! I think it was snickerdoodle? I kept forgetting the giant Jason was fake and kept startling myself lol. 



Everyone got out on the dance floor. I loved seeing the kids and grandparents dance! 

Family and Friend Love!

Witnessing this supportive friend and family tribe celebrate Jasmine really touched me. I could see the love this family has in the care they took in making everything just right, in the laughter and toasts!  I enjoyed watching Selena be the big sister fixing her crown and Mom and Dad making sure everything was set up and organized. Jasmine took time to show her love back to her friends, grandparents, and family. I saw so many little kids run up and hug her or grab her hand. The room looked scary but the love was not (lol too cheesy?)  There are so many more pictures I didn’t add but I hope you got a taste of what this night was like, Happy Birthday Jasmine I hope you enjoyed your celebration and I wish you the best year to come!

See you next week! Also, join the #joyjourney with our first nature walk on April 24th!

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Finding the Joy

Welcome to my blog. I talk about choosing joy, to me, that means believing God is good and there is hope in the face of difficulty. I also talk about my goals and challenges. I believe in perseverance, grit, dreaming big, and choosing to challenge yourself to be better than yesterday. 


What does it mean to be a part of the #JoyJourney?


It means to choose JOY in the good and bad!
It means we focus on our goals!
It means we challenge ourselves to do better!


Wanna share your story? Join the #joyjourney in my FB group here! We encourage each other to accomplish more and meet up once a month for a nature walk! 


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10 Tips for Authentic Pro-Quality Photos of Your Kids

Tested in real life to help save your sanity!


We hear all too often that our kids grow up too fast! It is true and that is why I don’t judge you for wanting five million pictures of your kids ( No matter the age!) However, I am sure you know that what may be started as a cute idea can turn into a nightmare when kids are… well…kids! They want to roll, mess their clothes up, frown, and make silly faces, and you just want ONE nice picture to prove things aren’t nearly as crazy as they seem! That is where I enter. I have been photographing kids for  7 years. From school kids to teens and I have learned some things about getting photos that not only look good but capture the personality and growth of your children. To me, the purpose of photography is to remember. To enjoy what life has for today because tomorrow always brings change. Hopefully, you find these pro tips helpful and learn to enjoy capturing memories of your kids!

1. Change Your Expectations

Was my 6 month old gonna sit longer than three seconds for a picture? No. The world is way too interesting to sit and not investigate! When you take pictures of your kids, lower the goal. A three-year-old may sit still but might struggle to look at the camera. Meet the kid where they are at. For example, I like to get my phone or camera out before even mentioning I want a picture. I usually snap before trying to get their attention to see if I want a better background or lighting. I focus more on taking as many pics as possible after making the kid laugh rather than waiting for them to give me a great smile. I usually can get ONE shot of them smiling. If they are running I have them run at me. If they want to play I have the parent engage and snap while he is having fun. The goal is to keep them happy long enough to get a good shot. Sitting perfectly still while posing is the opposite of fun and nothing ruins a picture like a grumpy-faced kid who is genuinely not enjoying himself!


Here is a pro tip. Don’t have your kid say “CHEESE!” This results in the kid looking terrified! The best smile is a real smile and having them yell something silly works better. A tip I picked up from my friend Rebekah who is a rock star with kids, is to have them call you a silly name. It goes something like this. “Hey, Sarah say “Cookies!” when she enthusiastically says ” Cookies!” Make a funny face and say “HEY, did you call me a COOKIE!?”  Usually, the kid laughs and says no or continues to call you a cookie the whole day. Meanwhile, start taking pics like crazy those giggles are priceless! For really little kids you can pretend they are invisible and ask where they are. I promise they think you are a goofball for it, but it works! I have had many a 3-year-old laugh when I pretended they disappeared!


3. Let Them Play


Another way to get smiles is to involve play. Try challenging them to do a handstand or climb a fence. These pics are cute and fun for your child. Even in a studio wooden blocks are neutral but a great way to keep little hands busy. Blowing bubbles or even taking pictures of their siblings are all fun ways to get smiles going. 

 4. Get down on their level.

One of the most important keys to really catching authentic portraits is to get eye level with the kids. We don’t usually look at kids on their level. When you do you just see more into their personality. It is a great way to reconnect. You would be amazed at how much a face changes when you shoot at eye level instead of looking down. Use the moment to encourage your kid and remind them they are seen and they matter.

5. Don’t Force It.

Kids experience many emotions and it’s not ever at a convenient time.  I cannot count the number of times kids have decided that this photo session was the moment to start crying. I can also not count the number of subconscious adults who have refused to pose for the camera because they aren’t in the mood. Long story short- it is an everyone problem. Forcing a child or teen who doesn’t want to take a photo rarely works out in the end. They usually look upset and sad, the opposite of how we want photos to look. Sometimes offering to take a picture with the child helps. Maybe they want a toy or need a break. Photos can wait, offer what they need at the moment. I have sometimes been able to reengage kids for photos by having them hug or kiss mom or dad. Other times I sit and play and have them show me what they are doing. I also try involving the kids by having them pose how they want to. With teenagers, they may feel subconscious about their looks or what other people may think. Allowing them to be in control of their look and pose is helpful. Sometimes they may be ok with a further back pose or partially covering that pimple with a strategic hand! You know your kid best, if you want authenticity then you have to make room for the very real moments that kids have. If you force your kid to smile or pose the picture will show it, you can’t fake genuine smiles!

6. Take Selfies Together

Mom’s this is for you! Often times we like to take photos but refuse to be IN the photos. Maybe you haven’t met your weight loss goal or hate your hair. Maybe you are like me and have dark circles under your eyes because you were up at 4 am with a very hungry baby. I get it because I go through it. Hear me out. Your kids copy you. They notice when you try and hide because there is something you are insecure about. For the sake of your memories, your kids and your spouse take pictures with your kids anyway! Not only will you appreciate these fleeting moments years later but you are telling yourself you are worth more. Your value is not in looking like the perfect mom. Your value is not in your weight. You are worthy to be seen, without you those kids wouldn’t be. Be involved and you will find your own kids learning that they don’t have to be perfect to make memories. You also will get your kids used to having fun on camera, it is a win all around!


7. Get Close

If you are feeling adventurous and want truly artistic photos of your kids change up the distance you take pictures from. Get right up in that face or focus just on the toes. All those details that you love make great collages over the years. For babies, I always love the hands, feet, and face. Not gonna lie capturing those details is easier said than done.

8. Think Neutral

I am a Zillenial mom lol. That means I love my IG-worthy photos and neutrals. While yes it is a trend right now there is good logic to incorporating neutral colors and backgrounds into your photos. As a photographer, I choose neutrals because they are timeless. Black, white, beige, and other natural colors are kind to multiple skin tones and elevate the design of an image. Additionally, neutral colors help to keep the focus where it belongs, on the facial expressions of your kiddos. Of course, this is completely subjective to your taste but it may help if you want to build collections of images across time.


9. Lighting

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time thinking about lighting. I am in fact a light (photo) writer (grapher.) Even without a fancy camera knowing a little about lighting makes that average selfie look amazing! During the day try and photograph your kids facing or standing sideways to a window. Light is flattering and diffused and soft. If you are outdoors and it’s super sunny try to find shade. The harsh shadows usually just make us squint. At night play with a single source and solid background like a lamp or light from a doorway. 

10. Be the Observer

I know, I know I just said to get involved! Take selfies!  I just want to add another technique to your arsenal. I have watched a lot of parents fuss over kids and siblings to get them to take the perfect photo. This sort of works but I think that sibling and family dynamics are unique and sometimes you can catch them if you watch. I see this a lot in older siblings reaching out to fix their little sister’s hair. Sometimes sitting back and observing the way your kids are can create some great moments that you will cherish forever. Maybe you catch your kids hanging upside down or building a tent let that be the backdrop! Kids are creative, lean into seeing who they are and you will see that reflected in their photos.


Those are my top tips for taking authentic family photos of your kids with a little bit of a professional edge. Have you heard of these tips before? Have others to add? I would love to know! I truly love what I do. I enjoy watching kids just be their chaotic selves. It’s easy to forget what being carefree felt like and I hope while you are taking all those photos you are getting involved. At the end of the day, it is about making memories of our families. After all, they really do grow up so fast!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

This year for valentine’s day I wanted to focus on some of the awesome couples I have worked with for years! They are more than “clients” they are impactful to their community and to me. I decided to give them “awards!” as Bethany J. Photography Couples.

Before I get to the couples Happy Valentine’s day from Jamal and myself! We hope you enjoy celebrating with your boo thing! Also, we want to encourage everyone who is enjoying singleness too. You are loved and valued. I appreciate the many friends and family who have encouraged and walked with us over the years encouraging our marriage and parenthood journey!




CherCish Each Moment

Nikki and Gabe have the hands-down best Christmas PJ’s ever. For this reason, I have dubbed them the “Cuddliest Couple”  They are always a joy to be around and such a wonderful family. Fun fact! I went to high school with Gabes younger brother. What a small world! I am thankful for their continued support and welcoming spirit!

Cherish Each Moment

For the “Most Adventurous Couple” I give you Julie and Kris. A photoshoot with Julie and Kris is always an adventure! Whether we are climbing rocks or posing in the street these lovebirds always make time for fun photos. I love their passion and commitment to family, church, and community! Thank you for your dedication and example of love!

Cherish Each Moment

From acting to teaching and more this couple is timeless winning from me the ” Classiest Couple Award!” Dana and Andy have been such an example long before I was married. I appreciate their unity and knowledge, you always learn something in every conversation! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and faith through life with me! 

Cherish Each Moment

So my friend here from 7th grade definitely gets the “Cutest Couple Award” because their story is the best! I remember them meeting in my Senior year of high school.  They are both so considerate and caring for each other, I love it! Thank you for including me in your big day! I really enjoyed celebrating with you.


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have fun and share your story. Check out more of my wedding and couple photography here.