Happy Valentine’s Day!

This year for valentine’s day I wanted to focus on some of the awesome couples I have worked with for years! They are more than “clients” they are impactful to their community and to me. I decided to give them “awards!” as Bethany J. Photography Couples.

Before I get to the couples Happy Valentine’s day from Jamal and myself! We hope you enjoy celebrating with your boo thing! Also, we want to encourage everyone who is enjoying singleness too. You are loved and valued. I appreciate the many friends and family who have encouraged and walked with us over the years encouraging our marriage and parenthood journey!




CherCish Each Moment

Nikki and Gabe have the hands-down best Christmas PJ’s ever. For this reason, I have dubbed them the “Cuddliest Couple”  They are always a joy to be around and such a wonderful family. Fun fact! I went to high school with Gabes younger brother. What a small world! I am thankful for their continued support and welcoming spirit!

Cherish Each Moment

For the “Most Adventurous Couple” I give you Julie and Kris. A photoshoot with Julie and Kris is always an adventure! Whether we are climbing rocks or posing in the street these lovebirds always make time for fun photos. I love their passion and commitment to family, church, and community! Thank you for your dedication and example of love!

Cherish Each Moment

From acting to teaching and more this couple is timeless winning from me the ” Classiest Couple Award!” Dana and Andy have been such an example long before I was married. I appreciate their unity and knowledge, you always learn something in every conversation! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and faith through life with me! 

Cherish Each Moment

So my friend here from 7th grade definitely gets the “Cutest Couple Award” because their story is the best! I remember them meeting in my Senior year of high school.  They are both so considerate and caring for each other, I love it! Thank you for including me in your big day! I really enjoyed celebrating with you.


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have fun and share your story. Check out more of my wedding and couple photography here.