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What’s gonna be new?

As an artist who creates one-of-a-kind portraits to help people celebrate uniquely, I want to re-introduce my brand to friends and attract the community who will most benefit from my style of work.


The New Logo




Everything has started looking different around here. The new visual expression of my brand reflects more than just new fonts and color choices. This new logo is simple and classic and a bit more serious. I sought to emphasize my professionalism for every person who visits my website. When you see Bethany J. Photography here are the three values you will see.




Celebrating Originality | Crafted With Quality | Connected To Community


I thought long and hard about how I wanted to communicate what I felt about photography and the way I have served clients as an artist. These values encompass more than just my business but my personal belief in everything I do. Let’s dive into how I will be incorporating these three values into my business.


Celebrating Originality

You are original. I celebrate you by creating one-of-a-kind custom art portraits.

I consider your unique qualities and needs and then tailor my approach each time you get a portrait.

I create a distinctly original style developed over time and perfected daily.


Crafted With Quality

I invest time, resources, and research, and focus on each client fully.

With a passion for the craft of image making I use the best tools to craft your original portrait.

I use clear communication and careful planning to maintain a professional experience.


Connected to Community

We are neighbors, collaborators, and dreamers I work with you to create something new.

I give back to the creative community that helped me grow in the field I enjoy now.

I collaborate to build up, connect and support local or small businesses and crafters when possible.


Here is a small list that demonstrates the difference between what I currently offer compared to what I used to offer. 




As mentioned above I am shifting to not only incorporating being better focused on each individual client’s needs but also providing a service that creates portraits that you can treasure as key pieces for your home.


The Updated Style


Luxurious, classic, and dynamic are all words I would use to describe my new style. I drew a lot of inspiration from painters such as Ben Enwonwu from the African Modernist Movement and photographers such as Alaina Airitam’s series Golden Age (inspired by the Dutch Golden Age.) I sought artists who took extra care with deep skin tones, vibrant colors, and strong poses that felt part photography and part painterly. Additionally, I incorporated my signature glow, organic elements, and warm lighting.



Why commission a fine art photo portrait?


As an official patron of the fine arts here are the situations in which you might want to commission a portrait.

Celebrations + Milestones

Professional/ Headshots
Artist Portraits


What Will a Session Look Like

A session will start with a questionnaire after which we will schedule a 30-minute call to talk about you! This is an experience I want you to enjoy. We will get to know each other and then I will get to work creating your custom plan including your look, the location, and any custom set or props.

Additional options include a hair and make-up artist and a stylist consultation. Locations are historic mansions or natural reserves in Maryland. I also provide a full-length mirror during your session if you would like to see yourself posing. After the session, you choose your favorite portraits to keep and have the option to create a statement leather album or locally framed print. These portraits are meant to be seen big, think of them as signature pieces.


This is an experience you will have to try yourself! If you are ready to book your 2023 session please visit here and contact me!



New Podcast: The Creativity Cure

I am connected to the community and I want to strengthen my commitment. That is why I started the podcast The Creativity Cure. Not everyone will decide to get their portraits taken with me. I still want to share life with you! This podcast is to encourage women to rekindle the fire of creativity within. It’s not about any ability to design or take photos (even though those topics aren’t off-limits.) The Creativity Cure is about taking the skills I have developed to solve creative problems and sharing how you can use those same principles to increase your own problem-solving ability. We will talk about creative thinking, empathy, writing, and more! The first episode is live! Check it out!


I hope that this podcast becomes a place where I get to go deep with some of you. I want to encourage and inspire you to get up and go again. I will post new episodes every other Friday! In between episodes you can stay connected through The Creative Community newsletter! Keep reading for more.


Hearing from You

Finally, I want to build community and help connect those of us who enjoy being creative or enjoy supporting those who create. To make this space I created The Creativity Cure Newsletter. This newsletter shares updates from me but more importantly has room for you. I want to see your picture of the week, your encouraging story, your wins, and your favorite creators or businesses. Join the community so we can uplift each other!


Welcome to the NEW Bethany J. Photography. Booking is officially open for 2023 and I can’t wait to connect, grow, and create with you this year!


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