Final Fall Sessions

This weekend I finally finished fall sessions! This season I captured portraits with more vibrancy and style than I have before! I met new families and had some friendly faces return. I count myself blessed and so joyful that creating art is something I get to do for other people. I enjoyed the beauty of the outdoors, getting little kids to smile- even for a second, and just learning more about you. Scroll below to see some of my favorite portraits of the season! Usually, they are my favorite because they are unexpected, impactful or I just love the composition. Choosing just a few is hard because they are all my artwork babies! Enjoy and see you back here for a new blog next Friday.




Thank you to everyone who worked with me this year! You are the reason I do what I do!




Finding Joy

Welcome to my blog. Here I am myself. I am an artist who shares her photography, her family, and more! I called this blog choosing joy because 1. That’s my middle name and 2. Finding joy when life is tough has been a journey for me. More often I am choosing to look for the bright side even when I don’t see it. If you are an artist, a parent, a small business or all three then you will like being around here!

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Your Joy Journey can be something funny or moving your story of overcoming or what brings you joy.


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