Thank You!

I wasn’t sure how to summarize this year as a photographer. I can only recount setting the goal to get 10 families photographed before 2023. Last year (2021) I was not sure if I was going to do photography again. I had lost confidence in creating. I had a constricted schedule and a new baby on the way. I felt so overwhelmed by what I had to do I couldn’t imagine a way out. Anxiety can do that to you. Your world becomes smaller and your vision is clouded by every “what if.” I decided to give it one more shot and reached out for help.

I dived into learning how to communicate who I am and why I do what I do. Thanks to courses, lots of thinking, and friends, I did a lot of learning and unlearning. I found my old love for art and photography. I started blogging! I posted my face more and made videos and reels! (Something I thought I would never do.) I let people know I was open for business and it has been a gift! I almost missed this journey. I almost missed the new clients I met this year. Reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. I found new locations and vendors. I developed a solid grasp of my style and I began to dream again about what I could do. I began to see the creativity God planted in me bubble up again. I saw the most Christmas sessions I have ever had, I did major events and everything from sports to infant photography. I got to taste it all thanks to you, my clients!

I am THANKFUL. I have come so far and there is more that is yet to come. After a year of trial and error and exploring, I have come to the point where it’s time to renew.

What’s Coming

There are important elements of my artistic photography style that I have limited due to their complexity. I am very proud of the vibrant, candid style I have developed but there is something missing from me. I still crave the opportunity to really craft an image and create work that further shows depth and beauty. I have always had the skills to create this work but I have been hesitant to create it because doing new things can be scary. Next year however I will be reintroducing my brand with a new style and structure that will allow me to bring you better more dynamic work.

I will always have the core of my brand, warmth, vibrancy, and genuine expression. However, I want you to be the first to know that I am also bringing in more of my Fine Art background to develop portraits. More details will be coming so be on the lookout for more on the following changes coming in 2023.

1. I will no longer be offering services as an event or wedding photographer to allow for more portrait sessions.
2. I will be specializing in fine art portrait photography commissions.
3. This means I will be catering each shoot as a unique set around you!
4. Sessions will take more planning time but I believe that the longer time will be worth it for you!

5. This means pricing will be reflecting a new structure. I will communicate everything to you in due time!



There will be more information coming! I wanted to communicate this to ensure that we are on the same page. I will be offline for Christmas and the New Year so I thank every person who has contributed to the success of Bethany J. Photography! Thank you to everyone who worked with me this year! You are the reason I do what I do! See you in 2023!




Finding Joy

Welcome to my blog. Here I am myself. I am an artist who shares her photography, her family, and more! I called this blog choosing joy because 1. That’s my middle name and 2. Finding joy when life is tough has been a journey for me. More often I am choosing to look for the bright side even when I don’t see it. If you are an artist, a parent, a small business or all three then you will like being around here!

Share your Joy Journey with me by emailing You might be featured in my newsletter!

Your Joy Journey can be something funny or moving your story of overcoming or what brings you joy.



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